A little bit of sunshine in a crisis

Okay a little insiders post today. I mean, when isn’t it ever really… 🤦🏼‍♀️ but I wanted to share a little story with my I&C Crew out there…
Emma Johnson is a gorgeous creative near Wagga Wagga who I have been following for quite sometime now, she’s bright, she’s bubbly and most of all is amazing at her craft. About a week ago I opened up her story to expect another amazing behind the scenes of her studio life, what I got was every but that… the COVID19 shock came through Emma’s little studio and had forced her to close and cancel all upcoming events - TEMPORARILY - with all this going on that day, she also experienced a awful person putting her down and degrading her feelings towards the whole situation - how do I know this - Emma was brave enough to give us an insight via her story, in tears she told us how words and anger, at a time like this, can affect a person especially a person that loves their craft and loves to make people smile.
Times are tough, yep, Times are changing, yep… but that does not give people permission to put others down when they are following the rules, protecting our nation and just being an all round good person. We need to be sending love and support to everyone affected… SOOOO what did I do... I forced Emma to give me her address and sent a little parcel of Sunshine and Sparkles to her door… @emmajohnsonphotography I hope these earrings made your day and has given you faith that small businesses support and respect one another. 💕Thank you so so much for your lovely words, you warmed my heart AND your reaction to our little surprise was just the BEE’s KNEE’s!!!
It’s the little things that can help put a smile on someones dial… give it a go, buy the person who’s 1.5 metres in front of you at the coffee shop their coffee, leave the $2 coin in the trolly at ALDI’s for the next person ( this also eliminates contact with money germs - 2 in one ... booya) anyways… pass it on people
xoxo stay safe, stay healthy, stay responsible and stay HAPPY xx Issy