6 Tips for Styling Isobell&Co Statement Earrings - ISOBELL&CO JOURNAL

6 Tips for Styling Isobell&Co Statement Earrings - ISOBELL&CO JOURNAL

How you style your statement earrings can be the difference between 'Over the Top' and 'Perfectly Balanced'

3 Basics to Pull off any Statement Earring Look 

Statement earring, from the name itself, is aiming to make a STATEMENT. A lot of people are afraid to wear statement earrings, and that’s totally understandable. That's the one thing I hear from all of my customers at markets and trade fairs, " love these but I just don't know if I am the type of person to pull these off"... YOU ARE, trust me! Statement earrings are the highlight of your look, and it is scary to pull the look together if we don’t know the basics of how to style it. Learning the basics of styling is like learning the basics of cooking, it is very important as we don’t want to overwhelm people and just serve them the right balance of everything.
So how do we create the right balance of our look?  Here are 3 basic tips to pulling off any statement earring look...
Tip Number One
Dress 'Smart Casual'
A statement earring is the icing on top of your look. The earring itself is the overwhelming piece of your piece that pulls the look together. Why do you dress simply? Patterned clothes and textured earrings are sometimes more difficult to style and can get you overwhelmed. All you really need to do is follow the rule that tonal matching alongside a statement piece can never fail... NEVER. I am a huge advocate for layering the same colour way, for example, try blue tones alongside a hot pink earring to create a 'Statement', paired with a white sneaker you're outfit is perfectly placed between Smart AND Casual. 
Tip Number Two
Expose your ears
Ears, ears, ears! It’s all about the ears ladies! Move anything that overshadows our statement earrings away. Admit it, we want people to see our ears so they could see the star of our look. It is a statement earring look basics to expose your ears in a lowkey and subtle way.
How is this possible? Simply style your hair in a pulled back style. Aha!—sleek buns, high pony tails and half up and half down do's all the way! Yep, sleek buns could be our safest hairstyle, but we have different face shapes, so it’s better to study your face shape and know what hairstyle exposes your ear perfectly. 
Tip Number Three
Natural Make-up
Again, the goal here is to look as natural as possible and let your statement earring do the talking, plus we LOVE a good naturalistic look for our glowing girls and boys out there. Having light make-up and maybe a cat eye is a bold look but is a refined yet old hollywood vibe, which is definitely trending at the moment. If your statement earring is more on the minimalistic side of colours like silver, gold, white, or black earring, go for bold red or berry lip to support the statement earrings. If it’s a colourful statement piece, do a nude lip to transfer all attention to the star of your look.
Isobell&Co Flower
Can you now imagine yourself sporting a statement earring? I know you can pull it off now that you know the basics. When styling, just remember don’t confuse or overthink it, your style is yours and only yours, so keep it true to you! 

Made for you and your individuality...

"Isobell&Co is about authenticity and this forms the heart and soul of each item I create. No matter where this dream ends up, that will never change."