Bling Care

I mean we all love our bling and wouldn’t want to do anything to damage them, but a big night out with the girls or a crazy wedding reception can sometimes leave your Bling looking a little worse for wear.
Here are some handy hints to keep that bling looking as good as it did when you first set your eyes on them :
- Store accessories in a clean, dry environment, preferably in separate boxes.
- As fabulously amazing as our bling is, they can’t swim! Avoid ALL contact with water! -
- To keep your Bling looking extra shiny and sparkly, go over the hard surfaces with a polishing cloth, this not only gets rid of unwanted smudges but will help your bling avoid collecting dust!
- Place your Bling in a clean and dry area – get a few boxes and get organising
- Try not to wear your Bling when applying makeup, hairspray and moisturizers as this can cause harm to tassels.