For the Love of Colour – Isobell&Co Journal

For the Love of Colour – Isobell&Co Journal

For the love of colour

We always hear, sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour, well it doesn't literally mean to paint or draw. Would you believe if I say that colours affect our emotions? There is a study that says colour preferences are often linked to past experiences. “People who are drawn to any specific color tend to have pleasant memories of the color, while those who don't like it may have negative or unpleasant associations with it.” 

Wassily Kandinsky said “Colours is a power that directly influences the soul”. Colours have an attached positive and negative feeling to it.  We tend to have different interpretations of colours, depending on how it influenced our thinking, how it inspired the decisions we are making, and how it impacts our mood. 

Most people immediately associate pink with feminine and girly things. Yes pink is a very feminine colour but its an intuitive colour that bursts pure romance to some. There are also people who take courage, comfort, calmness, friendliness, and playfulness with it. 

The most controversial colour is the colour red. There are different feelings attached to this colour. Red is a colour of power, passion, and energy. Some may see red as a colour of love, sexuality, stimulation and caution.  While some interpret it as a colour that stimulates their anger, danger, revenge, and regression. 

Black is an extremely intimidating colour, that’s why the most common interpretation of it is sadness, depression, pessimism, and dominance. But why do a lot of people love black? Does it mean they are depressed? Well, again, people may have pleasant memories with it. Black can also stimulate a feeling of strength, authority, and prestige. Some even find this mysterious colour arousing and seduces their senses of elegance and sexiness. 

The colour green is such a positive colour. Green is simply just the luckiest, healthiest, and wealthiest colour. You may say that no negative feeling can be attached to this colour, as this colour gives us very relaxed body and mind. Others stay away from this colour as this colour give them a feeling of being judged, envious, and inexperienced. 

Feeling blue? Yep, people associate blue to a feeling of sadness, depression, and being predictive. But hey! “out of blue” means appearing unexpectedly. This colour is a colour of trust and loyalty. Some people love to see the colour blue to have that sense of security and confidence. Study says that people who love this colour are the type of people who dislikes confrontation and too much attention. Could this be true? I guess…

Life is a mere black and white scene, we sometimes do not understand ourselves and we can’t put into words how we feel. But when we see a little splash of colour, we find the comfort we need, and slowly give us an understanding of ourselves.

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