Colour in the kitchen
Styling the kitchen has to be one of the hardest rooms to style or renovate. It’s not as easy as saying “alexa, style my kitchen” The kitchen space is not just a room where you cook, but also a space where you allow guests to take a step closer to getting to know you, your family and your home. They say a person’s kitchen has a lot to say about their personality– from the colour of the walls, the decors, and down to the tiniest detail of what kitchenware they use. 
We can’t resist the aesthetic of an all white kitchen with beige detailing right? Aside from it being the safest colour to use, it’s also the perfect base to start adding personality to your kitchen... time to accessorise! 
When it comes to adding colour to the kitchen, focus on these three scales: small, medium, large. Let’s dive into learning how to add personality, style and colour in your kitchen on a large scale first. 

Set the Overall theme of the room

This is what scares people the most, as this step tends to outweigh and override everything else, but once you get through this step, everything else will fall into place. Interior experts say to never be afraid of mixing and matching different materials and textures in similar tones. Familiar right? Well we also use this principle in clothes styling. In this step you might want to start planning what your kitchen cabinet will look like and what materials you’d like to use. Also, utilize your backsplash and make it the statement of your kitchen. Finally, the hardest decision to make— what colour will your wall be? Choosing a colour is the ultimate road blocker, once picked you're on your way to creating a space that is you. Choose a colour that suits your taste and a colour that leaves you with a positive feeling. If you’re still having a hard time trying to pick a colour, head on over to my other blog For the Love of Colour.

Styling on a Medium Scale

This styling scale focuses more on furnishings. Add more personality to your kitchen by adding uniquely shaped bar stools or eye-catching rugs. Another way to spice up your space is by using more colours. One easy way to do this is by adding some fun patterned vases, coloured dining chairs and or a table cloth that has a simple pattern design on it. Another option could be a bold piece of art. It’s been said that good art ties a room together. A framed art piece could do the job perfectly and bring your space together. 

It’s all in the details

The goal here is to keep your kitchen looking simple but full of personality. Remember your kitchen is not a showroom, so make sure you are using pieces that fill your cup and are actually items that you can enjoy and use. For me, I am a sucker for Kitchen Shelving and or a nice wooden display cabinet! Use these shelves to your advantage, and ALWAYS style items in odd numbers on the shelf. If you’re a wine person, make wine shelves. If you love to cook, display some hardcover cook books or statement cook wares. If you’re an art lover, display some handmade platters, tea cups and or vases!

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